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i/ go back ... is a reminiscent lyric from the song "I Go Back" which was written and recorded by American country music artist Kenny Chesney. It was the third single from his 2004 album When the Sun Goes Down.

The lyrics are about a man recalling various moments in his life, and how he is reminded of each moment when he hears a certain song. Who hasn't had that happen? You hear a song and you remember your first kiss, your first fight or your first... (probably shouldn't write it here?).

So share your nostalgia with the world. Get your "I go back" i/denti/tee t-shirt now and go back to the good ol' days. By the way, this also makes a great gift for the parents or grandparents who like to run the "when I was young..." line.


Every i/denti/tee tee is printed on an EDUN LIVE blank. So the benefit of each purchase goes back to the people working on the product in sub-Saharan Africa.

Every lyric we print is licensed for use, which means money goes back to the people who brought the lyric to life – the publishers and the song writers. So each i/denti/tee t-shirt has a "copyright" patch sewn onto the back, to showcase its authenticity. Let’s see Canal Street try to bootleg that.

To help reinforce the spirit of music, each i/denti/tee is packaged in a vintage, vinyl-style album sleeve; so it looks and feels just like a 12" record when you get it. These premium packages are great to collect and they make the perfect last minute gift for the Holiday or any special occasion.

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